And some of our favorite bag lovers are making the press rounds once again

The pop star-turned-shoe mogul has a collection of bags that’s as unique as it is enviable

They also stuck to a very strict color scheme of black, white or pink

Is the Paloma truly a bag for all occasions? JLo thinks so.

Not to mention their sunglasses game, which was on point this week

Coachella now makes for two solid weekends’ worth of fab bag-spotting

Let Mama Hadid show you how it’s done

Feast your eyes on a parade of celebs and their Chanels in pink and red

Who knows what guides the weekly celeb bag whims, but right now, they’re favoring Céline in particular

Ain’t no party like a Chanel dinner party because a Chanel dinner party has tons of handbags

Tracee Ellis Ross has a lot going for her, what with being the daughter of Diana Ross and having two successful sitcoms under her belt (Blackish, and let us not forget that early …

Our cultural relationship with high-waisted denim is extremely complicated. And yet, every few seasons, high-waisted denim creeps back towards relevancy. Like many trends, it looks better on celebrity bodies than it ever will on the …